Trumah: Chapter 33

The kisses


First, we learn that when the Torah was given to the children of Yisrael in the form of the Ten Utterances, every commandment made a sound; that sound was divided into seventy sounds which all illuminated and sparkled in beauty and rectitude before the eyes of all Yisrael. Each person fully accepted the many commandments of the Torah and also the many punishments of the Torah. Then the sound returned and kissed him on the mouth. Each longed to see the one light that received within itself all the other colored lights, and God promised that this would happen. The text then speaks of the colors that the Light receives, which are gold, silver and brass, corresponding to Gvurah, Mercy and Beauty.

We read then of another explanation for the kisses received by Yisrael, wherein the four letters of the word for love, Ahavah, join together in a kiss. When their Light spreads to this world, these four spirits produce one fruit, which is a spirit composed of four spirits, and this ascends and splits firmaments, before ascending further to sit near the Sanctuary of Love, whence comes all love. That spirit is also called 'love', and when it rises it causes the sanctuary to become joined above with the Sanctuary of Desire, whence are the kisses.

We read next of how that spirit meets Akhtriel, the Appointed Angel who presides over the tides that come from the thirteen rivers of the pure balsam tree. These tides are called "many waters". The Song of Songs says, "Many waters cannot quench love nor can the floods drown it." When the spirit enters the Sanctuary of Love, the love of the supernal kisses becomes aroused. We are told finally of the most concealed light that illuminates everything, and the awakening of the rising of kisses that depends on it. "For your loves are better than wine", we learn, refers to the living Elohim, which is the wine that gives life and delight to all.


The Ten Utterances signify the Ten Sfirot, the ten-dimensional structure through which the Light of the Creator refracts and flows, enroute to our world. We connect our souls to the myriad colors, the Lights and the sounds that once lit up Sinai more brightly than a billion blazing suns. Love, the mysterious force that links us to one another and to God, resonates in the supernal Sanctuary of Love and in our hearts to illuminate all our days and nights. Speak to me of love, says the poet, and I will show you the beginning and the middle and the end of all things, and the wellspring of your very existence.

By truly opening our hearts to this message and to the wonders of the Song of Songs, this passage furnishes all that God wishes for us - endless life and unending joy along a path teeming with sweetness, tenderness, and mercy. The full dimension of Sinai's Light is therefore replenished, kissing our souls in an everlasting embrace.