Trumah: Chapter 34

"And this is the offering"


Rabbi Elazar tells us that the passage, "And this is the offering, which you shall take of them," is difficult to understand both in the literal meaning and the hidden one. And indeed the explanatory text seems to confuse it further. First, correspondences are drawn between angels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael (Boel when he is in the Seat of Judgment), protecting angels, attending Serafim, and the gold, silver, brass, blue, purple, scarlet and all of the other offerings. Each of these also has aspects of the Sfirot. We read of "oil of the light" and "oil for the light," which are the luminaries of the upper world, which is male and dominates by day, and the lower world which is female and dominates by night. We read of the seven types of gold, and of silver and brass, and again of the other offerings in the context of the Sfirot. And we learn that it is gold which predominates.


These verses delve deeply into the mysteries of the Torah, for the literal text is devoid of practical meaning and filled with contradiction. Accordingly, we acquire the consciousness and powers of observation to penetrate beyond the surface level of our existence. On a cosmic scale, all is now revealed, the hidden meaning of life, the cause behind the effect, the seed that precedes the tree, the beauty beneath the surface, and the secrets of the Torah. No longer can life seem as senseless and contradictory as the illusory stories of the Torah.