Trumah: Chapter 35

Moses, Aaron and Samuel


Moses, Aaron and Samuel, we learn here, were three faithful prophets who served in priesthood. Zacharia and Jeremiah were also priests and prophets but did not merit the high supernal level of Aaron. We are reminded that Moses was able to call and God would answer him immediately. Samuel was similarly blessed, and, being very young, also merited the level of youth.


We read here of the faithful prophets of a long ago time, and in doing so, we receive the gift of prophecy. Prophecy, viewed through the lens of Kabbalah, is understood as the ability to perceive the future consequences of our present deeds. Thus, as we reflect upon the names of the prophets, our spiritual awareness and foresight are magnified so that we have vision to always see the end in the beginning; this leads to courage to offer compassion to our friends and foes, and wisdom to refrain from intolerance.

In turn, we are granted a prophetic vision of our immediate future, It is blessed with global peace and tranquillity through a miraculously merciful redemption that exemplifies and honors the sanctity of the Zohar. And though many parallel universes exist, some with pain, others with compassion, it is this universe of peaceful redemption that now becomes our reality.