Trumah: Chapter 38

"And Hashem gave Solomon wisdom"


Rabbi Yosi opens the discussion by saying, "And the Creator gave Solomon Wisdom, as He promised him. And there was peace between Chiram and Solomon; and they two made a league together." King Solomon saw that even though his generation was highly spiritualized, it was still not time to reveal to them all the wisdom of the Torah. Yet in the time of Rabbi Shimon, we learn, such concealed things were allowed to be revealed. Rabbi Yosi then worries about how future generations of the world will fare after Rabbi Shimon departs, when wise sages are few and far between, and when even Wisdom itself is forgotten.


The wisdom of Solomon is no longer found in the world's rulers and politicians, who make only war, not peace. By reading this passage, however, we summon forth Solomon's great wisdom and the piety and righteousness of Rabbi Shimon and his entire generation. This spiritual event reveals to us the secret wisdom of the Torah now instead of later. This great Light removes conflict and hatred from the hearts of powerful men. It stirs truth and compassion in the souls of leaders, warming them to the true spiritual wisdom. And the sphere of influence of the righteous and the wisdom of Solomon extend to the four corners of the globe.