Trumah: Chapter 48

"It is a time to act for Hashem"


Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Chiya are traveling here on the road when Rabbi Chiya states, "It is a time to act for the Creator. They have made void Your Torah," means that as long as people are occupied with Torah then all is well in heaven and earth. If they neglect the Torah, however, His strength wanes, and all the righteous must work even harder to do good in order to re-empower God, along with His camps and legions. At this moment, a mule-driver joins the discussion, surprising the rabbis with his insight. He speaks of "a time to love, and a time to hate," and says that when the children of Yisrael are not occupied with Torah that time itself is imperfect, incomplete and void of Light. Then, "it is a time to act for the Creator." Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Chiya then get off their own mules and walk with the mule-driver.


The purpose here is to empower the righteous in their study of Torah, which exponentially multiplies the volume of Light in the world. Our efforts prevent the righteous from further suffering on our behalf as the infinite Light of the Zohar overwhelms the darkness and purifies mankind with untold leniency and loving kindness. Such is the loftiness of the soul of Rabbi Shimon. Moreover, we abolish the hatred (along with its roots) that festers in a man's heart.