Trumah: Chapter 5

"The woods of Lebanon" are the six days of Creation


Here we read an alternative explanation of "the woods of Lebanon" - that they are the six days of creation. The six attributes of Chesed, Gvurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod all in their turn entered and mated with the palanquin, producing in this fashion the manifested world in six days. Then, we learn, this palanquin became sanctified until it ascended the crown of rest and was given a supernal name, 'Shabbat.' Rabbi Shimon tells us that we have to see we are sitting in the shadow of the Creator within that palanquin.


Again and again in the Zohar, we see that each interpretation of Scripture leads us back to the knowledge that God has placed His own qualities into the creation that He made for us. From our mundane perspective, the upper world consists of six Sfirot [dimensions] rolled into one, called Zeir Anpin. This realm is the repository of all our wisdom and fulfillment. The love we feel, the joy we experience, the serenity we seek, all originate there.

Zeir Anpin also embodies the supernal Light of Shabbat. Access to this realm can be achieved through inner transformation and various tools, such as the Zohar. On Shabbat, however, this Light is freely given as a gift to all Creation. These words of Zohar open up the gates to Zeir Anpin, causing the Light of the cosmic Sabbath to shine the moment our eyes fall upon them.