Trumah: Chapter 50

"Wisdom strengthens the wise"


The mule-driver of previous sections here says that, "Wisdom strengthens the wise more than ten rulers who are in the city," refers to Moses. When Moses ascended Mount Sinai to receive the Torah, the firmaments and the supernal camps of the angels rose against him because he was going to lower the Torah to the earth and take their goodness and joy from them. But Moses strengthened himself. The Torah shields those who study it with the courage and strength derived from "ten rulers", which are the Ten Utterances. The ten rules are, we learn, the ten kinds of wisdom found in the Torah, which is the secret of the ten Sfirot in ten engraved Names. In one Name of 22 engraved letters, we are told, the secrets of the world to come are combined and cannot be understood, and yet, nonetheless, the Holy One bequeathed to the righteous a longing for that time.


A deep longing for eternal world peace stirs within our hearts, and the effect is a miraculous positive change in human civilization. We are strengthened with goodness and compassion, for these are the traits of the Torah and the power of the Zohar. We secure a swift and sweet redemption of man, bringing the world to come into the here and now.