Trumah: Chapter 53

A Cup of Blessing


Here, Rabbi Yosi says that the Cup of Blessing becomes blessed from Chesed, Gvurah and Tiferet of Zeir Anpin that are the three patriarchs; therefore a cup is necessary only when there are three men together. The Cup of Blessing, which, we learn, is Malchut, is perfected by the ten Sfirot. It should be looked at because, "The eyes of the Creator your Elohim are always upon it." It is the secret of Faith, and must always be guarded because it is for the Cup's sake that the table is blessed during the prayer after meals. Rabbi Yosi says again that the table must never be empty because the blessing does not exist on an empty table. Just so, wisdom is given to the wise.


As our eyes drink the Light of these verses, our souls partake of the Cup of Blessing. We receive sustenance so that we may tithe, spiritual nourishment so that we may persevere on the spiritual path, and appreciation of God's endless goodness so that we may protect and forever keep all that is sacred and precious in our lives. By the virtue of the Patriarchs, our tables are kept full so that we may now take possession of all these blessings.