Trumah: Chapter 56

"And look that you make them after their pattern"


Here, Rabbi Yosi says that the title verse is referring to the tabernacle. God gave Moses detailed instructions for constructing the tabernacle, and also gave him a vision of how the tabernacle of Metatron would look in the future. The tabernacle above did not come into existence until the tabernacle below was complete. Rabbi Yosi then tells us that there are two tabernacles and two priests, of the latter, one is the primordial Light (Chesed of Zeir Anpin) and the other is Michael the High Priest.


Our physical world is an exact reflection of the upper world, thus the well-known Kabbalistic phrase, "As above, so below." The forces of the upper world influence and animate all events in this physical world, except for the actions of man. Our deeds in the lower world cause a stirring in the upper world. Thus, by reading this section, we reconnect ourselves to the tabernacle below and the supernal tabernacle above, forever ensuring our ties to the Light of the Creator. We make contact with the angel Matatron, Michael, and the Sfirah of Binah and Chesed, which bring an abundance of Mercy and inner guidance into our lives.