Trumah: Chapter 57

Three Names included as one


Rabbi Shimon here discloses some concealed secrets of the supernal tabernacle, Binah, which is built on twelve pearls or supernal limbs. He then speaks of the three names which are combined together and which interpenetrate each other from the Right, Left and Central Columns of Zeir Anpin. The Right Column, Chesed, holds the Alef and Lamed of El. The Left Column, Gvurah, takes those letters and adds Hei-Yud-Mem to form Elohim. Mercy is included with them. The Central Column of Zeir Anpin takes all these and adds Nun-Vav to form Eloheinu, 'Our Elohim'. We can see that the Right Column is included in the Left; but the Left Column is also included in the Right by virtue of the fact that they take letters from the World to Come (Binah) to form Mem-Yud-Mem, Mayim, or 'water'. Rabbi Shimon also explains here how letters are formed and congealed and cocooned.


The mention of "Twelve Pearls" indicates the root of the twelve constellations. Thus, we receive power to ascend above the plane of the planets and their respective astrological influences. At this moment we alter our destiny for the better, guaranteeing a redemption that is free of negative influences, judgments, and any form of pain.

When the Zohar discourses on the Three Columns, we are strengthened in our souls so that our behavioral actions embody balance. We receive mercy (Right Column), and it forever tempers and sweetens our acts of judgment towards others. We arouse judgment (Left Column), and it balances excessive mercy, so that we offer tough love in the appropriate measure and time. We receive emotional strength to always resist our selfish desires (Central Column), so that we conjoin our soul with the Supernal Realm, the source of all sustenance and blessing. Finally, the powers of Creation, embodied by the Hebrew letters, bring complete order, balance, and rejuvenation to all existence.