Trumah: Chapter 6

"That they bring Me an offering"


The section title passage summarizes one single great truth, which Rabbi Shimon explains to us, that for one to aspire toward divine union, he must strive with all his heart and soul and with self-purification, and pay the necessary price. We also hear that he is prompted to do this by the heart of God in himself, that he may increase his worthiness by turning a wicked person from the path of evil. In doing so he causes the subjugation of the Other Side, causes God to be elevated in his honor, and thence causes the world to be preserved both above and below. Such a righteous one, we are told, shall enter in through the twelve gates.


Perfection comes partly through striving and steadfast self- transformation with the right intent; yet there is more to bettering ourselves. We can increase our merit by tutoring the wicked, helping them to be free of evil.

Through our meditation upon these verses, we grasp in our hearts the source of all goodness from whence we sprang. The evil tendencies of the wicked are abolished and the Other Side is immobilized. We are now free to attain unity with the Light of the Creator.