Trumah: Chapter 63



Rabbi Yosi here explains that the Evening Service is obligatory because Zeir Anpin (day) and Malchut (night) must be joined in union. He says that "And you shall love" is right, and "And it shall come to pass, if you hearken" is left; this is more specific than the general unity or joining of left and right in Sh'ma Yisrael. This unity, we are told, is similar to the head Tfilin and the hand Tefilin. The head Tefilin with its four paragraphs is congruent with the three names, "the Creator our Elohim, the Creator" in the Sh'ma Yisrael. Rabbi Yosi then tells us that the left and right columns of the paragraphs, and of the three names, both join with Da'at in the Central Column as the union of Chochmah and Binah. The hand Tefilin is the unity of the head Tfilin with Malchut, and the secret of this unity, we learn, is 'Blessed'. All blessings flow from the upper point, Chochmah, which is male, to the World to Come, Binah, which is female. Binah is therefore called 'Baruch', and also 'a blessing'. Rabbi Shimon comments that the unity of Zeir Anpin (the head Tefilin) and Malchut (the hand Tefilin) is set in order by way of Chochmah, Binah, the right of Da'at and the left of Da'at.


Tefilin is an antenna. In it, we see the power of joining left and right and above and below. As a battery requires both a positive and negative pole to produce power, Tefilin generates metaphysical power by incorporating the positive (right) and negative (left) spiritual poles permeating the planet and the heavens. This joining is also germane to the connection of the evening service. Our reading stirs the forces generated through the laying of Tefilin and the performance of the evening service.

Our Evil Inclination and the dark forces that dominate the night are crushed, so great is the Light channeled by the Zohar. Chochmah unites with Binah, the upper world conjoinsour world, our bodies are tuned to our souls, and all that exists shines with resplendent Light.