Trumah: Chapter 64

"And you shall love Hashem your Elohim"


Rabbi Yosi says here that the Right, Chesed, arouses love for the Holy One; the Holy One moves His right hand toward he who loves Him, and receives him with love. Rabbi Yosi goes on to explain that "If He sets His heart upon man, if He gather to Himself his spirit and soul" shows that everything in the world depends only upon desire. Love for the Holy One becomes aroused in three ways, we learn, "with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might." Rabbi Yosi next lists the thirteen precepts that are in the right, explaining that "If you walk in My statutes" the right, or love, shall predominate; if you do not, the left or Judgment shall prevail.


We need only desire His Light in order to learn how to love Him and draw beneficence to our souls. Desire is the catalyst the sets the Light into motion, where it naturally flows from above to below. These ancient verses evoke our love and a deep-seated desire for Light, causing Him to radiate throughout the terrestrial realm with awe-inspiring luminance. The Desire to Receive this Light for the Sake of Sharing with Others ignites within our hearts and souls. The effect of this is nothing short of miraculous.