Trumah: Chapter 65

"Moreover you shall make the tabernacle with ten curtains"


Rabbi Yosi opens this discussion by saying the ten curtains are the ten Sfirot. He goes on to show the unity of the tabernacle even though it has ten limbs, then the unity of a person even though he has many external and internal limbs, and lastly the unity of the Torah even though it has many precepts. The precepts of the Torah, we learn, are one in the secret of Adam, which is male and female, Zeir Anpin and Nukva. Someone who diminishes even one precept in the Torah diminishes the image of the Faith, Malchut. In closing, Rabbi Yosi says that the children of Yisrael are likewise one in that they are one nation.


Scientists have for a long time been studying subatomic particles, observing by way of instruments their births and movements and deaths, the seemingly random nature of their appearance and disappearance, and the mysterious linking of pairs of charged particles. A reading of this section awakens our awareness of unity in diversity, an inner understanding of the mystery of the Many-in-One, the union of the parts, and the order that underlies chaos. The Light generated here induces this awareness in the collective consciousness of all mankind, banishing the barriers that cause disunity and chaos. Everyday, everywhere, people the world over feel a new-sprung sense of compassion, love, and unconditional unity with their neighbor, unprecedented in human history.