Trumah: Chapter 7

The three colors in the flame


This section deals with the three colors that can be distinguished inside a flame. One rises up, while another seems to dip down. The other one is usually visible, but appears to be concealed when the sun shines. There is one color that ascends above and emerges, and that color is whiter than white.

Through this analogy, we learn how our prayers cause the white light to ascend to the crown, and how all the Sfirot join to each other with light above and below, and then join with all the candles. Only then are all combined with the righteous one, who is called 'good.' Whosoever causes the wicked to return to the right path is now worthy, we are told. This recognition is then witnessed by the angels who supervise the world. Next, the overseer appears, bringing with him the image of that person; and, we read, there is no righteous person in this world who does not have his image thus engraved above. The King then blesses the image of that righteous one, and four camps of supernal angels take it and depart. Where they go, however, we are not told.

The Zohar next talks of the seventy keys belonging to treasures owned by the overseer's Master, and then of seventy concealed worlds. After this, we learn that those who help the poor merit much good in return, as well as many supernal treasures, but these rewards are nothing like those merited by someone who redeems the wicked.

Now we learn when the children of Yisrael reach the Kedushah in the prayer, the third color in the flame emerges and shines. We are next told that the sanctification we recite is the same as the praise we give to the supernal angels, and we give this praise both so that we may be sanctified ourselves and so that we may earn their friendship. Sanctification in the Holy Language may only be recited when ten men are present, because the Shechinah joins the sanctification. Prayer, we are told, has great strength and is often able to break the power of the Other Side. Concluding the discourse, Rabbi Shimon blesses the other rabbis.


Just as the seven colors of the rainbow emerge from a single beam of white sunlight, our reading unites all the spiritual forces into their original state, a ray of pure Light emanating from the Creator.

This union produces a luminescence that brightens our entire existence. We steer this Light towards the wicked, the evil who dwell among us, as well as the wicked tendencies in ourselves, thus purging immoral impulses and subjugating the Other Side, the Satan, which is the root of personal and global negativity. This Light also emancipates the poor, annulling the force of poverty so all may now partake of God's goodness.