Trumah: Chapter 72

The Seven Firmaments


Here, Rabbi Chiya discusses, "Who covers Himself with Light as with a garment, who stretches out the heavens like a curtain," saying that God created the Heavens from fire and water, which He expanded and spread out like a curtain. The seven firmaments, we are told, correspond to seven Sfirot, and there is one firmament above them, Tevunah, which cannot be viewed but only understood. Above that, there is one which no one can see or know. Then, Rabbi Chiya says, there are ten firmaments, which are the ten curtains of the tabernacle and also ten Sfirot. Next, Rabbi Yosi says there are nine firmaments, and that the Shechinah is the tenth. He adds that Rabbi Shimon revealed the secrets of all the firmaments, seven above and seven below. The seven firmaments contain stars and constellations, which guide the world.


The stars and the heavens rule our cosmos and open our hearts to the million sparks of love that fly to us from God. However, the seven heavenly bodies that adorn our strip of galaxy also exert negative influences. The lower Seven Sfirot control the planets and stars. Thus, by connecting to them here, we ascend above planetary influence and immediately begin directing our own fate. The destiny of mankind makes a quantum shift, from an apocalyptic finale to a Final Redemption that is founded upon compassion, mercy, and joy. This miraculous turn of events occurs by virtue of the love of Rabbi Shimon, author of this heavenly tome.