Trumah: Chapter 75

207 on the right, 103 on the left


The young man from the previous section continues by explaining that the first Light is combined with the 207 worlds hidden on the right under Binah. There are also 103 worlds on the left side, adding to 310 worlds that God prepares constantly for the righteous. The Light of the right is Chesed, and it produces offspring for every single day, otherwise the world would not be able to exist. It is written, "For I have said, the world is built by love."


The Sfirah of Chesed correlates to the Right Column attribute of mercy, which tempers and sweetens judgment. If our world were balanced towards the Left (Judgment). it would be immediately destroyed. Thus, out of Love for his Creation, God injected mercy (Chesed) into the cosmos, which gives a man time to repent and change his ways before judgments can be executed. In this moment, we rouse the forces of mercy, using it to atone for our sins, complete our spiritual path, and cause unceasing fulfillment to fill all existence.