Trumah: Chapter 76

"Light is sown" constantly


The young man from previous sections continues, telling how God, by the hand of his righteous gardener, sowed Light in his Garden of Eden (Malchut) in rows and rows. This act produced fruit that constantly nourishes the world. Even during the time of exile, after the river stopped coming into the Garden of Eden and the gardener no longer entered there, still the Light constantly re-sows itself and produces fruits. Similarly, the Torah is sown constantly in the world, producing offspring and fruit, nourishing the world. The young man adds that "reproofs of instruction" signifies God places "one who smites" to guard over a desired way of life, thus through suffering people are led to the right way. And once again we hear of the secret of 'keep' and 'remember', and how Malchut and Zeir Anpin need each other for perfection.


What wonderful, sparkling images come before us when the sages speak of God's Gardener dropping seeds of Light into long, soft furrows in the ground, and then of the Light sprouting and bringing forth fruit. Each of our souls is a garden where seeds of Light have been planted since the dawn of creation. The Light of this passage tends the garden, nurturing the Light-seeds so that our souls now blossom like n orchard of fruit trees in spring.