Trumah: Chapter 77

Light, Water, Firmament


The young man continues, discussing the Light from the right, namely Chesed, the aspect of Aaron the Priest, and Light from the left, which two were only joined together and perfected when Elohim divided the Light from the darkness. We learn that by the Left Column the Evil Inclination emerges.

Next we read of how the five levels Chesed, Gvurah, Tiferet, Netzach and Hod were in Light, in water and in firmament, each of which was therefore mentioned five times. By these three was the secret of Adam formed and made into engravings, which were Light from the Right Column, water from the Left Column, and the firmament from the Central Column. This is similar to the form of man at birth: he is first seed, which is the Light of all the limbs of the body; the Light spreads and becomes water, after which the form of the body spreads into these waters; as soon as the shape of the body is formed and engraved, that expansion consolidates and is called 'firmament'. After it congeals, it is written, "And Elohim called the firmament heaven."

Next, we are told, after the body was purified and cleansed, the moisture that was drawn and left over from it comprised the bad and troubled waters from which were formed the male and female of the Other Side. As soon as the Inciter emerged, the curse emerged into the world, and the Light of the moon was decreased. The youth then explains the emergence of the first Adam, Zeir Anpin in Atzilut, who was formed without a female; the second Adam, the man of Briyah, was formed and engraved from the seed of the first Adam within the female, Malchut of Atzilut. The 22 letters from Aleph to Zayin emerged from the first Light, and the body of the first Adam was formed and engraved in them. The youth tells of the measure in the firmament and the joining of the letters of the first Light with the waters and the congealing of the two columns. And then, we learn, this first Adam joined with the Nukva to beget a second Adam of Briya.


Because the verses speak of the mighty gestation of Light, water and the firmament, and of the Three Columns, our personal attributes of judgment (Left), compassion (Right), and self-restraint (Central) are strengthened and balanced in the appropriate measure. If we can possibly extend mercy to our most undeserving of enemies, judgment cannot befall us. But how many of us, in truth, have the capability formatting and willpower to offer mercy to our most mean-spirited of foes?

The sacred words adorning this passage awaken such mercy within us. As we now offer forbearance and compassion to others, these qualities are returned to us in equal measure. Additionally, we attain dominion over our Evil Inclination (Left Column) and connect ourselves to the embryonic state of Creation, when all was pure and free of sin. This cleanses our soul and completes our life's purpose.