Trumah: Chapter 80

The seven blessings of the bride


The young husband tells us here of the marriage canopy for the Bride, and the marriage canopy for the Other Bride, the Shechinah. He speaks about the Seven Blessings that elevate the bride of below and the Bride of Above. Ten kinds of joy are combined, joy, happiness, groom, bride, gladness, jubilation, cheer, love and delight, peace and friendship, so the Bride is the perfection of everything. The rabbis place the youth at their head, and with great happiness they tell Rabbi Shimon everything about him. Rabbi Shimon relates how he blessed the young man's father, Rabbi Safra, that he would have a son who would excel at Torah, but the father died before he could see it.


The union of soul mates, of male and female, of the upper and lower worlds, is the ultimate objective of our existence. Thus, if we are single (a half of one soul), the blessings arising from this text direct us to our true soul mate (the other half of our soul). If we are married, our relationship is divinely enriched, placing our marriage upon a foundation of spirituality. All of this Light, at last, causes the upper and lower worlds to join together in spiritual wedlock, their ultimate and eternal unification bringing joy, happiness, and jubilation to all mankind.