Trumah: Chapter 82

"And you shall make boards"


Rabbi Shimon here says that the boards in "And you shall make boards for the Tabernacle of acacia wood standing up" are like the Seraphim standing each with their six wings. All the hosts of heaven stand, and the supernal angels are sometimes referred to as 'Seraphim'.


The tabernacle was the Vessel necessary for the Light to express itself on this planet. Here Rabbi Shimon reveals supernal secrets behind the construction of the tabernacle. His purpose in doing so is to construct a personal tabernacle, an internal vessel, for the reader through his holy words so that God's Light can rest upon us. Moreover, this action connects our planet to the original Tabernacle, allowing God's Light to inhabit the entire world, causing the demise of death, suffering, pain, and torment. Expect nothing less when such a magnificent instrument is wielded in the hands of so noble a sage.