Trumah: Chapter 86

The stars


It would not be wise to make a synopsis of this long and exquisite passage. Each reader must read the entire section for himself, in order to delight in the beauty of its imagery and to gain some understanding of its profound teaching.


Here we are treated to an entirely new vision of the role of the stars, in everything from the growth of plants to the governance of all human activity. When we read this section with its unforgettable imagery we are filled with a sense of mystery, and also with a lust for knowledge that burns as brightly as the stars. Though a bounty of celestial wisdom is distilled here, foremost to the reader is the knowledge that man, alone, can steer the stars and direct his destiny. Distant stars of war and stern judgments are subdued by our efforts here. Stars used by the wicked to propagate evil are snuffed out and rendered powerless. Stars of mercy sparkle, stars of joy flash, and stars of peace gleam to ignite our personal redemptions and the immediate arrival of Heaven on earth.