Trumah: Chapter 9

"Evening, and morning, and at noon"


This section tells us of the spirits of the night and why they are much to be feared. They are nourished, we learn, in the darkness, when the leftovers of the sacrifice are burned and the smoke rises up, twisting toward a hole in the north from which they emerge. The overseer of these spirits, we are told, is named Sangirya, and they come out only when they need to feast on the smoke of sacrificial fires. The purpose of the evening prayer is to protect us from fear of the night. On Shabbat, this prayer is not necessary because there is no fear of hell nor of other judgments on that night. At midnight, when the north wind is aroused, it attacks all the habitations of these evil spirits, breaks through to the Other Side and enters in there, floating above and below. This breaks the power of the spirits and they no longer rule in their realm. Then, we learn, God enters to amuse Himself with the righteous in the Garden of Eden. When morning comes it completes the outpouring of good to all the worlds; it waters the Garden, and in this action protects the whole world. The rabbis go on to discuss the letters that appear in the eastern sky before dawn. One pillar is thrust into the southern edge of the firmament's canopy that is over the Garden; and in this pillar there is one branch, and in this branch are three birds who are aroused to sing in praise.


This is where we ignite the Light of the three daily prayers, the energy of Shabbat, and the primordial power of the 42-Letter Name of God. Much good is accomplished through the energy that is awakened here.

First, the negative forces that, throughout history, have risen after dark are now battered and broken by this awesome display of Light. All judgments are halted. The fires that have blazed in Hell for millennia are doused. Our dreams of the night are forever shielded from the negative forces (Lilit) that have caused man to discharge and waste his semen since the dawn of human existence.

These negative forces have used this squandered life force to sustain their own negative existence. Thus, this force of negativity is now rendered powerless. Our soul achieves dominion over the Evil Inclination, and we help others achieve this same mastery simply by meditating upon them with a loving heart.

Second, the cosmic morning (the age of Messiah) now dawns. The blissful melody of birds in morning song fills us with untold joy. Balance is restored to our lives and to the world. This portion completes our spiritual evolution, for that is the ultimate wish and desire of the author of this all-powerful book.