Trumah: Chapter 91

Circumcision, redemption of the firstborn son and marriage


Rabbi Yehuda tells us here that bad things will come to the people in the world who do not take advantage of the Torah that their Master left for them. He then says there are three things that a person is obligated to do for his son, circumcision, redemption, and to marry him to a woman. This is because God did these things for Yisrael. Also, we are told, He carried them like the eagle who carries its children on its wings.


Our meditation purifies our children and redeems all the world's children who grace us with their innocence. By this action, we are carried upward on our own strong wings, and the men and women, sons and daughters of this world, find their soul mates and unite in completion. And then our entire world unites with our Creator in a Final Redemption that exemplifies the loving kindness of this holy book.