Trumah: Chapter 93

Up until Hezekiah, there was no sick person, who was cured


We learn here that, after Jacob died, everyone who became ill also died, until Hezekiah. When he became ill he prayed to God, saying that if people were healed from illness, they would thank God and return to their lives with repentance. God took his point, and granted his request, beginning with Hezekiah. At this time also the sun turned back ten degrees, we learn, and time turned back five full hours, so the Elohim of Hezekiah performed two miracles on one day. God swore to Hezekiah that three kings would descend from him, we are then told. The first of these kings was Nebuchadnezzar, who made an idol and caused everyone to worship it. From the temple he took a vessel that was engraved with the letters of the Holy Name and placed it in the mouth of the idol, which then spoke great things. Daniel came and commanded the idol, saying, 'I am the messenger of the supernal Master. I decree upon you to leave here.' Then the vessel came out of the idol's mouth and the idol fell to the ground and broke. Rabbi Huna then concludes by saying that all this is the meaning of, "And I will take out of his mouth that which he has swallowed up; and the nations shall not flow together any more to him."


The Light of healing shines brightly here, brighter still, when we fill our hearts with contriteness and make a conscious effort to share this radiance with others in need of healing. Doing so achieves eternal well-being for the body and soul of man.