Trumah: Chapter 95

Chochmah united with its paths


Rabbi Shimon speaks about the mechanism of the delivery of wisdom to the world, and of the delivery of the wise back to paradise. He tells of fifty gates, 32 paths, the secret of the 22 and the power of 72 and the way in which these things are accomplished. The Sfirah of Binah is expounded upon. He reminds us of the joining of everything through Jacob, and of the fertilization of one of God's qualities with another, for "In Wisdom have you made them all."


Even in the most complex and unfathomable sections of Trumah, like this one, a meaning can be discerned, though it would take years of study to understand the symbolism and the numerology intellectually and grasp all of its spiritual benefits. Nevertheless, certain ideas clearly stand out: 22 corresponds to the 22 primordial forces of Creation, which express themselves through the very pages of this book, namely the 22 Letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Thus, here we are touching the pure, primeval Light of Creation and it purifies our hearts and souls. 72 denotes the 72 Names of God, telling us that we are now receiving the power to perform feats of wonder concerning the ultimate transformation of human nature. The word "Binah" is itself a portal, a priceless passkey to the supernal fountainhead where we now dip ourselves into the pure, pristine wellspring of Light, and reemerge, cleansed in body and soul.

And the great name of Jacob, who is the Central Column force incarnate, ignites our own Central Column, the divine gift of free will, the autonomous choice a man has to reject the base drives born of ego. Our ego is herewith overthrown by the will of our soul. And the Satan is crushed by the cosmic Central Column power of Jacob.