Ha'azinu: Chapter 47
Face to face union of Male and Female principles

In these last utterances of Rabbi Shimon he reminds the rabbis that when Zeir Anpin and Malchut are united all the worlds are blessed and are in a state of complete joy. He talks about the two grades above and below - Zion and Jerusalem - and says that no one is allowed into the Holy of Holies in this world except for the high priest that comes from the aspect of Chesed. We learn that Zion is Mercy and Jerusalem is Judgment. Rabbi Shimon says again that all the blessings flow from the brain of Zeir Anpin to all the body parts or Sfirot. He tells the rabbis that at the end Chesed enters the Holy of Holies, as it is written in, "for there Hashem has commanded the blessing, even life forever more."