Pekudei: Chapter 3

"And in mercy a throne was established"


Rabbi Elazar opens with the verse: "And in Mercy a throne was established, and he sat upon it in truthfulness..." He says this means that the thought went up to join with the will and joy that come from the incomprehensible, Atik. The joy shone into the thought, Aba, and then united with the supernal Ima by the light of Chesed in a never-ending union. Rabbi Elazar talks about the supernal hidden Temple called Yisrael-Saba and Tevunah where all the lights flow through, the lights of Chassadim, Chochmah and Da'at from the right, left and Central Columns. He speaks about 'the throne,' saying: "And he sat upon it in truthfulness" means that God sits upon the throne by right of the seal that is truth. He adds that "inside the tent of David" is the lower throne. Then Rabbi Elazar turns to ."..Judging, and seeking judgment, and quick to do righteousness." This refers to the joining of the Left Column, the Central Column, and the Throne of Judgment that is the lower court, Malchut.