Shemot: Chapter 51

"And the children of Yisrael sighed"


From the discourse on the title verse, we learn that this refers to the supernal children of Yisrael above. Rabbi Elazar then describes the nature of the punishment that the ministers of the other nations receive when God Judges them. We learn that they are made to pass through the River of Fire, the fire that defeats fire, where they lose their power and positions to ministers of other nations, who rule in their place.


Our cries and laments ascend into Heaven, returning an equal measure of Light that forever soothes our sorrows and heals our troubles. The energy flowing from this mystical text painlessly burns away all our negative characteristics. This energy reaches into the Upper Worlds to banish the root of all evil at its very source. This generates love, respect, and unity between Yisrael and all the nations of the world.