Shlach Lecha: Chapter 6

Joshua and Caleb


The rabbis examine the scriptures concerning the behavior of the spies who Moses sent into the Promised Land. We hear how Moses, when he sent him to Yisrael, changed Oshea's name to Joshua to indicate that he was attached to the Shechinah. Rabbi Shimon talks about Moses' need to distinguish if the land was worthy of the Tree, Zeir Anpin, or of Ayin Ayin, Arich Anpin: thus he would know if there was a tree in it, or not (ayin). We are told about Caleb, who went to pray on the graves of the patriarchs in Hebron in order to be rescued from the misguided decisions of the rest of the spies. Rabbi Shimon says that the Shechinah was robed in Caleb to bring tidings to the Patriarchs, and that the three spies were descendants of the Nefilim.