Trumah: Chapter 19

"A prayer of Moses"


When we read "A prayer of Moses, the man of the Elohim," we are to understand that this refers to the union of Malchut and Zeir Anpin, the Lower realm with the Upper. In that joining of a wife to her husband there is the spreading of the right and left hands, Chesed and Gvurah, to receive her. Here we can understand how the union of the lower world and the upper world is mirrored in the union of husband and wife, and of how Mercy and Gvurah work together to form powerful unions of all kinds.


Our own relationships are enriched and imbued with tremendous blessing as the Zohar reveals the mysteries concerning the union of the upper and lower worlds. Any time this unification is achieved, darkness is expelled from our personal existence. Our connection to Moses and the wisdom of Torah is made complete. Our intimate relations now engender unification of the upper and lower world, culminating in the full radiance of the Light of the Creator. All of this is achieved by virtue of Moses and our visual embrace of the verses that speak his name.