Vayetze: Chapter 36

"Two firmaments, beginning and end"


This verse expands on the ideas introduced in article number 35. It asserts that the highest, starry firmament of the heavens is identical to the lowest, or 'the river.' Both are endless and eternal.


The lowest world is furthest from the Light of the Endless. Thus, it feels the greatest emptiness. This painful void also creates the greatest longing for Light. When this longing and desire is used in a spiritual manner, Light is drawn in equal measure to desire. Thus, the full radiance of Light in the uppermost realm can shine forth in the darkest realm - when desire to receive the Light exists for the purpose of sharing it with others. Then both worlds, the Upper and Lower shine with equal intensity. When we transform negative desires into actions of sharing, we in turn draw the greatest amount of Light into our own lives. The ability to control and transform our most intense longings is awarded to us through the Light of wisdom emanating from these Hebrew letter.