Vayishlach: Chapter 20

"And Jacob set a pillar"


This section explains the significance of the phrase, "to this day," which is attached to the title quotation. While Rabbi Yosi interprets this as a reference to the day when God resurrects the dead, Rabbi Yehuda explains that it is a reference to the day when the children of Yisrael return from exile, in accordance with the oath that God swore to the Shechinah. At that time, the children of Yisrael will weep for Rachel, as she wept for their exile - and Rachel, Yisrael, and the Shechinah shall rejoice together by the side of the road.


A reading of this section hastens the final Redemption and Resurrection for mankind. On a personal level, this Divine energy helps resurrect areas of our lives that have been disconnected from the Light. We literally gain freedom from the forces of death.