Acharei Mot: Chapter 4

"All the rivers run into the sea"


Rabbi Shimon wonders how people can ignore the wishes of God for so long, and says that no one lends his ear or wakens his heart. He says that in later generations people will have forgotten the Torah entirely; there will never be another generation like Rabbi Shimon's until the generation in the time of the coming of the Messiah, when knowledge will reawaken in the world again. We read about the river, Binah, in which the roots of the Tree of Life are spread. We read of the Sfirot that come forth from this river and the anointing oil that replenishes the Garden of Eden. These streams flow down to the righteous and join together in the sea of wisdom, Malchut. When the wicked interfere, the blessings of these streams are not felt, and judgment is awakened in the world instead of peace. Then people can be blessed only through the priest.