Bereshit B: Chapter 34
"And there was evening and there was morning"

True spiritual power is achieved through the existence of both Light and Darkness. Spiritual transformation requires darkness so that there is something tangible to transform, and Light is actually generated during this stage of transformation.

A simple candle can provide us with analogies to help enrich our understanding of the need for darkness. A tiny candle has no significance or worth when flickering against the backdrop of a brilliant sunlit day. But even a massive darkened arena responds to the lighting of one candle. In that setting, the candlelight assumes great importance and value. Moreover, it is the dark burning wick that gives rise to the candle's bright flickering flame. It is for reasons like these that darkness came into existence. Intently browsing the text of Hebrew letters, together with the knowledge gained by reading this section, delivers streams of shining Light into areas of darkness that may be present in our lives.