Bereshit B: Chapter 9
Beresheet, Bara Sheet

The Zohar speaks about the relationship between the Sfirot Binah and Malchut, or our world. That relationship is the key to the mystery of the word Beresheet, meaning In the Beginning.

The first part of the word Beresheet is Bara, which pertains to the Sfirot of Binah, the Repository of all spiritual Energy. The second part of the word Beresheet is sheet, which is Malchut, our physical reality. Malchut is the vessel through which we, as individuals, receive our Light from Binah.

Bara and Sheet are called the two Hei's ה. These two Hei's are part of the Tetragrammaton, the Name of God that is spelled out as Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei יהוה.

The Names of God are powerful energy forces, and the Tetragrammaton יהוה is one of the strongest Names of God in existence.

The First Hei in the Tetragrammaton pertains to the Sfirah of Binah, the Repository of Light.

The Vav embodies the realm of Zeir Anpin, which enfolds and includes six Sfirot within it. The Vav is the conduit through which the Light stored in Binah flows into our physical world. Our world, Malchut, is signified by the lower Hei.

Rabbi Abba reveals a secret concealed inside the word Beresheet, which means, In the Beginning.

Within the word we can find two words, Bara and Sheet, which mean, He created six. The six refers to the six Sfirot, or dimensions, compacted within Zeir Anpin.

Hence, the purpose of this passage is to connect the reader and our entire world to the upper world (Zeir Anpin) so that Light and blessings flow to us endlessly. This divine energy flows to us now.