Beshalach: Chapter 22

"And in the greatness of Your excellency You have overthrown them that rose up against You"


Rabbi Chizkiyah opens with, "Why stand You afar off, Hashem? Why hide You Yourself in times of trouble?" He says that, when the world sins, the Holy One, blessed be He ascends farther away and people cry with no one to hear them; repentance is withheld from them. Rabbi Yitzchak says that the title verse of this section refers to the time that God will attire Himself with majesty over the nations that will come against Him, and destroy them. We hear that God will resurrect the kings who were the enemies of Yisrael and provide them with a governing dominion above, and they will make war against Jerusalem; then God will take revenge on them. This will happen at the time of Messiah and Armageddon.