Chayei Sarah: Chapter 28

"Who gave Jacob for a spoil"


Here the rabbis discuss the above verse and its various, intricate meanings, which relate both to the time of the Exile and the time of the Resurrection, when The Creator will rebuild the Temple. We learn that these stories are all really metaphors for the spiritual work of unification, which is always here and now.


The Torah and Zohar are not books of recorded history or mystical fables of antiquity. Rather, both are links to the upper world which connect man to the fountainhead and primal source of spiritual Light. Each passage offers a particular blend of energy that can be put to use in the present moment. Here, the spiritual influence to hasten the final Redemption, quicken the Resurrection, and accelerate the process of rebuilding the Temple, is summoned forth through the letters forming these verses. All three events will occur both individually and globally. Thus, every individual has his own "rock" in the Temple, which becomes manifest through personal acts of spiritual elevation.