Ha'azinu: Chapter 28
The union of Male and Female called Righteousness and Justice

Rabbi Shimon tells how he sees that the illumination of all grades is joined in the one light and emanates ultimately from the hidden light within which dwells the Endless Light, that which can never be comprehended nor revealed. He talks about the perfect justice of God, saying that his judgments are always judgments of truth. We learn that there are two luminaries that establish the throne of God - these are called Righteousness and Justice. Everything is concealed in Justice, and Righteousness is nourished by this Justice. Rabbi Shimon talks about the state of mercy and perfection when male and female join and all the worlds are in a state of mercy and joy. And yet when the world is full of sin the male and female are separated and the serpent is aroused. At that time Severe Judgments prevail and many righteous people leave the world. When, however, there is a perfectly righteous person in the world who loves God, the world can still be saved for his sake. Rabbi Shimon tells us that, before he sinned, King David was not afraid of any Judgment, not even of Righteousness, and yet after he sinned he was afraid even of Justice. Rabbi Shimon concludes that after he himself leaves the world there will not be any righteous people significant enough to protect the people of that generation.