Ha'azinu: Chapter 4
Seven firmaments and seven planets

Rabbi Yehuda says that God is called heaven, and thus all the firmaments are also included in this name; when the firmaments are joined together they are called heaven and therefore they are also called the Name of God. Rabbi Yehuda goes on to list these seven firmaments. Rabbi Yitzchak recalls that Rabbi Shimon compared all the seventy Sfirot of the King to seven firmaments and seven planets, and that although the planets are called by physical names they actually conceal all the firmaments. We are told the names of the seven planets and given their relationship to the seven supernal Sfirot. Rabbi Yosi says that the rabbis find these matters easy to understand even though they are concealed by certain terms. Rabbi Shimon admonishes the other rabbis to forget about the Baraithas because they know the greater wisdom of the Kabbalah and have revealed what was never revealed to ancient sages.