Idra Raba: Chapter 22

The thirteenth Correction (formation)


Rabbi Shimon says that all the other Corrections (formations) are included in this thirteenth one that finalizes and completes all the rest. He tells us that the Corrections (formations) are called 'days of old,' 'ancient primordial days,' while the Corrections (formations) that exist in Zeir Anpin are called 'days of the world.' Rabbi Shimon says that the time during which Atik Yomin will awaken with the Corrections (formations) is referred to as 'one day,' in which the beard will be glorified and it alone will be present. In the unfolding of all thirteen Corrections (formations), Atik Yomin is known and not known, hidden and not hidden, but is known by the Corrections (formations) that spread and flow down to illuminate.