Ki Tetze: Chapter 22

One who acts with piety to his Master


We are told that a prisoner cannot release himself from prison, and the Faithful Shepherd says that God regards one who prays and does charity and occupies himself with Torah to have redeemed Him and His children from among the heathen nations. Stress is placed on the necessity to meditate only on redeeming the Shechinah from exile. Elijah and the heads of the Yeshivot tells Moses that he is the son of the King and Queen, and that his worship is done with the love of a son who will risk his life for his parents' sakes. The Faithful Shepherd prostrates himself before God and says that even though he has nothing to offer Him, still God desires the heart of man to be willing to do anything for Him. Next God comes to bless and kiss the Faithful Shepherd, and says that he is indeed His son.