Ki Tisa: Chapter 4

"The lip of truth shall be established forever"


We read that the light and radiation from the sun is true, and the stars in the firmament are true; just because in their lack of wisdom people call them 'Elohim', God does not have to destroy the sun and stars. They will not perish, but eventually those that worship them will perish. Yisrael are the lip of Truth, and they will still exist in the time to come. The story is recounted of a General who tells Rabbi Elazar that since the kingdom of Yisrael was removed from them, it is Yisrael who are the "lying tongue." But Rabbi Elazar explains to him that the verse says "The lip of truth shall be established forever" in the future, not now - for now the lip of falsehood endures. We are told that the General converted after this encounter.