Mishpatim: Chapter 28

"Behold I send an angel before you"


This section talks again about the spirit clinging to Hashem. Moses realized that the angel of "Behold I send an angel before you" would constitute a separation from Yisrael, and he wished the presence of Hashem to be with him. Rabbi Aba says that one should not mix a lower matter with a higher one; the outside should not nurse from an inner level, as the inner represents holiness and the outer represents uncleanness. Rabbi Shimon clarifies the matter by saying that the angel was meant only to guard Yisrael, and it did not mean there would be a separation from Hashem, although other commentators on Torah have disagreed on this point. Rabbi Shimon concludes that Moses did not want an angel, as it is written, "And he said, If now I have found favor in Your sight, Adonai, let my Lord, I pray You, go among us."