Noach: Chapter 39

Bathsheba and Uriah


Through a story pertaining to King David and Bathsheba, the Zohar reveals that a person's negative action brings about the creation of an actual negative entity. These negative influences are not presented as metaphors. They are actual forces that directly affect the activities of mankind, individually and collectively. They are as real as an unseen atom, and as influential in our lives as the invisible force of gravity. The Kabbalists reject entirely the concept of a Creator who administers punishments and rewards. By way of illustration, electrical energy benefits our society in countless ways. If a person inadvertently placed his finger in a light socket and was electrocuted, it would be senseless to suggest that the electricity punished the individual. The Zohar is offering us a lesson on accountability. This, along with repentance, is the only way we can eradicate all negative forces.