Noach: Chapter 4

"Drink water out of your own cistern"


Our realm of Malchut cannot draw in the Light without first arousing desire, and desire is aroused through the building of one's Vessel. According to the Zohar, righteous souls build Vessels through their positive actions and spiritual deeds. This secret is concealed within the story of Noah. The Ark signifies the realm of Malchut. Noah represents the righteous souls. We learn that after Noah built and entered the Ark he was then able to beget offspring to populate the world. Building and entering the Ark is the mystery concerning the awakening of desire in Malchut, and the offspring of Noah pertain to the Light of the Creator that is revealed in our physical realm. We become righteous souls who awaken the desire of Malchut each time we recognize, admit, and thus uproot our own negative traits, transforming them into positive attributes. From this section we receive the ability to act with righteousness, thus arousing the desires of Malchut.