Pinchas: Chapter 57

Now there was a day when the sons of Elohim came to present themselves before Hashem"


Rabbi Shimon talks about Rosh Hashanah, when harsh judgment is present in the world, telling us that the day spoken of in the title was Rosh Hashanah. We learn that "the sons of Elohim" are the supreme court, the seventy officials who always surround the King, and that everyone must take care to honor the Holy Name in order to avoid judgment.


The power of Rosh Hashanah is available to us. Reading this portion with great remorse sweetens and annuls judgments otherwise in store for us, by awakening Mercy. And because this secret of Rosh Hashanah is revealed through the Zohar - the soul and essence of the Torah and the world - the effect is cosmic. The entire world is sweetened with mercy as judgments are repealed. The Supreme Court is permanently adjourned, and our adversaries - the prosecuting attorneys Satan and Lilit - are relieved of their duties.