Pinchas: Chapter 56

"I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk"


Rabbi Elazar explains the title verse in the context of the prayers.


The Sh'ma Yisrael prayer is of such vital importance that the Zohar finds it necessary to offer further insights into its purpose. For the reader, it offers us another opportunity to dip ourselves into the pristine waters of healing that nourish and regenerate the 248 parts of our body and soul.

We are told that the Praise of David takes place in the afternoon, just before Judgment arrives, because Favor and Mercy are still out in force. That is the appropriate time to ask for sustenance and blessing. Accordingly, here we receive financial sustenance and the power to create order out of chaos, two benefits associated with the Praise of David. These influences abolish poverty and chaos from the world.