Prologue: Chapter 2
The flower buds

Many spiritual secrets are contained in this next section. The budding and blossoming of a flower reflects the process of creation that unfolds in the Upper World as well as the in Lower World, which is our physical universe. As a seed contains the entire flower, the original thought of creation contains the creation as a whole, including its final and complete perfection. The actual Hebrew letters that speak of these secrets give us the power to perceive the future consequences that are already included in our present actions, just as a flower is already included in a seed.

The Zohar speaks of the great Patriarchs who were also included within the original thought and seed of creation. These spiritual leaders would become the universal conduits by which humanity could connect to the Light of the Creator. The appearance of these great men in the Aramaic text of the Zohar helps to strengthen our connection to the Creator and to our own spiritual roots.