Shemot: Chapter 16

"Now there arose a new king," part two


Here, Rabbi Yosi explains that God creates new angels every day. The reference to "a new king" in the title verse alludes to the creation of a new supernal representative for Egypt that emanated from the place of Separation. Consequently, "he knew not Joseph," since Joseph represents the sphere where unity rests, called Righteousness.


Each action that we perform, be it positive or negative, creates an appropriate spiritual entity that constantly influences our lives. These angelic forces are generated each moment of the day in response to the words we speak and the behavior we exhibit toward others. When things just happen to go wrong in life, when chaos suddenly materializes for no apparent reason, when life appears unjust, cruel, or blatantly balanced towards the negative, it is the result of negative entities whose accumulative effect tilts our life and the world toward the side of madness and danger. The collective negative deeds of humanity give birth to these influential dark forces. If we continually empower them, their strength grows and they create new nations of terror in the physical world.

The Zohar reveals an important spiritual truth: The Light of the Creator cannot coexist with evil, in the same way that sunlight and darkness cannot manifest concurrently. Likewise, our soul cannot be in the presence of ego. One or the other must prevail. It is our free choice to choose which aspect of our being will lead and direct our lives.

When our Evil Inclination and reactive nature is present, the Light of the Creator is far and distant. When a man subdues his reflexive emotions, the Light of the Creator and the spark of his soul illuminates brilliantly.

Unity and separation correlate to the concept of goodness and turmoil, respectively. Separation, the Zohar tells us, "does not want to know unity," communicating the cosmic principle which states that the unified Light of the Creator cannot rest in places where there is disunity and separation between people. Separation includes disunity among nations, and a rift between two siblings or friends.

This passage seals the cracks, crevices, and chasms that have existed far too long among God's children. Our eyes and hearts are the glue that now conjoin and unite all souls as one, creating a sacred place for the Light of the Creator to occupy with endless luminosity. This Light flows to us through Joseph, from the realm known as Yesod, the funnel through which all energy passes en route to our world.